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Why Nebulox?

Nebulox provides pioneering solutions to streamline payments via the latest developments in blockchain, all while offering maximum efficiency

Customize Development

Have a specific request? The Nebulox development team is ready to tailor customized solutions based on the needs of each individual platform. From adding specific currencies for exchangers to customizing invoice parameters, Nebulox developers can do it all!

Steps For Integration

1. Create Gateway

Fill out a form to create your gateway

2. Receive API key

Receive your API Key and save it

3. Integrate

Integrate with just one API Call

Integration Documents

You can check out Nebulox’s Technical document with the following links below.

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Start integration using swagger

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Use postman for easy integration

Detail Technical Doc

More detail and sample JS code

Technical Help

We design a complete tailored crypto solution for your Business. You can get in touch with Nebulox technical team by submitting the request here

technical help

Need help choosing your perfect payment solution?

Contact Number (optional)

Need help choosing your perfect payment solution?

Contact Number (optional)

Frequently Asked Questions

The process is super-easy! After registering on Nebulox.io, you will fill in a simple form to initiate your own crypto gateway and receive an API key.
No, there are no limits on the number or the amount of transactions on Nebulox.
Thanks to the instant settlements, crypto transactions take no time at all. However, you can expect a maximum of a few minutes for payment processing.
You can submit a request to the Nebulox dashboard to receive a new API key.

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