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Join the crypto revolution with Nebulox payment gateway. An easy to use, pioneering solution with the lowest fees for instant crypto asset acceptance.

Crypto gateway, what you need


Zero Crypto Volatility Risk


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Easy One-API Integration


Exclusive Crypto Wallet to Hold Assets


Transaction Fee


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Why Nebulox?

Nebulox provides unique features and superior performance all while offering the lowest transaction fees and improved anonymity

Integrate and Customize Easily

One - API Call

The One-API approach simplifies the integration process and enables customers to start accepting cryptocurrencies without any prior knowledge. 

Technical Help Desk

The Nebulox team is ready to answer all questions and provide instant solutions for customers 24/7

Customizable Development

Contact with the Nebulox Technical team to request specific tasks and features

Payment Page and Embedded Widget

An extensive yet easy to read payment page that provides all the details and requirements without being complicated!

Automated Features

Zero Market Volatility

A Robust feature that allows the merchant to automatically convert volatile assets to stable coins upon deposit

Scheduled Withdrawals

This feature significantly reduces labor and costs and enables the user to withdraw their assets automatically any time of the day

With Nebulox, merchants will have direct access to their funds and will get notified immediately with each payment


Merchants will be able to swap different crypto assets into one another within the Exclusive Nebulox wallet (Coming Soon)

External URL Or Embedded Widget

Customers will have the ability to receive a certain currency, and have the exchanged and sent to another wallet address per invoice (Coming Soon)

Exclusive Crypto Wallet

Super Secure Wallet

A hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallet exclusive to Nebulox customers that is reliable and safe

Competitive Fees

The unique wallet offers superior deposit and withdrawal fees as compared with other current competitors

No Time Constraint

The Nebulox wallet will be available 24/7 without any restrictions on time and limitations on transaction amount

Scheduling Capabilities

With both standard and customized automated features, merchants will have the crypto wallet of their dreams

Live Exchange Rates

Nebulox will provide real-time exchange rates for merchants to have a better understanding of the market

Fast & Simple Steps



One e-mail address is all you need for registration! No KYC required


Create Gateway

Fill in a simple form to initiate your own crypto gateway and receive an API key


Accept Crypto

Just like that, you can receive crypto payments from your customers

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20 Transactions, Totally Free!

Try out Nebulox with a 30-day free trial or 20 transactions with no fees without any restrictions on features and services. Yes, Nebulox is awesome!

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Need help choosing your perfect payment solution?

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